What Every Aspiring Entrepreneur Ought To Know About Starting A Home Business.

Stuck at the 9-5 job? Dreaming about quitting your day job so you can jump into your own business venture? You’re not alone my friend.

72% of workers are in this boat.

And sadly… many never see their dreams come to fruition because taking this big leap seems scary, complicated and risky – when it really isn’t.

As a home business owner who was once stuck in the “rat race”, I’m pretty grateful that I did take this big leap. Sure I’ve faced many challenges, frustrations and failures along the way (and still do today) but I’m fortunate that I’ve been able to overcome them as well.

These experiences have left me with countless lessons learnt first hand. Here are the top 2 that I believe all aspiring entrepreneurs ought to know if they’d like to do what I have – escape their day job and live life on their terms.

Start An Online Business

1. Online businesses are the only way to go.

Times are changing and brick/mortar businesses are nowhere near as efficient as online businesses.

How many book stores have you seen close down in the last year?

Probably a few, and it’s no surprise there. According to the US Census data, retail sales in the third quarter of 2013 rose 4.7% compared to e-commerce sales which grew by a massive 18.2% in the same time period.

With the rise of the internet, it seems like everyone’s turning to the internet to shop today… eBooks, groceries, plane tickets, pets – you name it.

And with at least 3 billion users online at this very moment, imagine if a good chunk of those users became customers to your online business!

Why an online business trumps the rest

It’s flexible.

Sure you could open up a bakery, but you’d still have to make that daily commute back and forth from your humble abode. And let’s not get started on the traffic every morning…

Wouldn’t it be awesome to be able to work from anywhere in the world so long as you have an internet connection? You can definitely tick off “traveling the world” from your bucket list 🙂

And with no shop lease, employees or insurance mumbo jumbo to handle.. the financial commitment and overheads are miniscule compared to a brick/mortar business (which would be setting you back at least $50k just to start.)

What it costs to start an online business

At just a few hundred dollars you can have your own online business up and running within 24 hours – beats having to having to wait a couple of months to get a bank loan approval too…

2. When first starting out, leverage high-ticket affiliate programs.

There’s different ways you can approach an online start-up.

On one end of the spectrum you could create your own information products to sell, but this is very time consuming. And chances are… if you don’t have the experience, your products won’t be very good (no offence).

What the other option is

Join an Affiliate Program where you become an affiliate for a vendor so you can promote and sell their products for a commission (also known as Affiliate Marketing).

Affiliate Marketing

This is a very common path for newbie internet marketers to start out in but after my own personal experiences I’ll tell you that although this is the easiest path, it’s the slowest to get you results.

Most of the time becoming an affiliate for Amazon or Clickbank will give you a measly $5 to $50 per sale. But is selling $50 eBooks enough for you to quit your full-time job any time soon?

What the better option is

Take advantage of high-ticket affiliate programs that allow you to sell products for high commissions (we’re talking at least $1,000 here).

And I know what you’re thinking, but look…

It’s not harder to sell a $1k product than it is for a $50 product

Say you needed $5,000 a month to quit your job,

You could do this by A) selling 100 $50 eBooks or B) selling 5 $1k coaching programs.

What’s easier – finding 100 customers for the eBooks or just 5 customers for the programs?

It might be harder to find those 5 customers for the program, but is it 20 times harder (like it is 20 times more expensive)?

Not even close.

And not to mention: if you’re marketing a product with a $1k price tag, that means you can invest up to $1k on advertising to acquire that 1 customer and still be profitable.

Pretty powerful stuff, huh? 🙂

Okay, here’s why you should care about all this

This brings me to the sneaky “hidden reason” I wrote this post for you.

The first reason was to show you that starting a home business is not hard nor risk so long as you know right way to do it.

The second reason for this article was for you to go “Hot diggity! This all makes sense and I know what I need to do to start a home business so I can eventually fire my boss! Tell me more so I can get started now!”

And if that sounds like you,

Here’s something you’ll really like,

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During this event you’ll be walked through the exact steps to making this ALL a reality.

So even if you don’t have any computer skills… It doesn’t matter because the only prerequisite for this workshop is the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to start your own business and take control of your life.

Sounds pretty neat, right?

(And just for attending, you’ll also be given the same marketing system that I use to build my online business!)

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