#1 Secret Of The Top Avon Reps

Are you looking to recruit more reps into your Avon business?

I bet you were told when you first joined that all you need to do is make a
list of 100 people and just “ask” if they were interested in making money.

And I’m guessing it didn’t work, well you’re not alone.

I’ll let you in on a little secret that all the top Avon reps are in on. First of all, they are not annoying their friends and family.  They are not desperately chasing down their grandma to come to a home meeting, only to be told what they are doing is a scam. Nope, they are actually speaking to people who want to be spoken to. And here’s the kicker, they don’t chase people, they have people chasing THEM to join their business.

How do they do it?

Easy, they utilise attraction marketing.  While regular prospecting tells you to go out HUNTING for prospects, attraction marketing teaches you how to become the HUNTED. This is all based around leading with value. Instead of just randomly asking people to join your business, you provide value and actually have them APPROACH YOU. This acts as a filter, as you’re only speaking to those who want to be spoken to.  And these people are much more likely to join your business because they actually went through the trouble of reaching out to you.

Sound too good to be true? Well this is what all the top Avon leaders are doing.

People don’t join companies, people join people.  Too many of us are selling the same product/opportunity with nothing to stand out. If you provide value and brand yourself as a leader, then who is your prospect more likely to join?  The expert who provides value, or just another shmuck peddling the same opportunity?

Make sense?

Your prospects are constantly tuned into WII FM (Whats in it for me). End of the day, this is a relationship based business. So think what are you offering to your prospects that separates you from the pack.  And if you take the time to brand yourself as an expert, then pretty soon you’re going to have people BEGGING to join your business because you have attracted them to you.

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